Nearly three-fourths of those who responded to an Argus-Courier online
poll June 14, 2006 said they believe women’s health clubs should not be
required to admit men.

Earlier this month, a Sonoma County judge ordered a Santa Rosa women’s health club to open its doors to men and stop advertising itself as a women-only health club. Last year, the state settled a lawsuit accusing a Petaluma women’s fitness center of discriminating against men. Both complaints were filed by the same man, Philip Kottle of Santa Rosa.
Asked if women’s health clubs should be required to admit men who want to join, 31 percent of respondents said yes and 69 percent said no.

Women were asked if they would feel uncomfortable if men were using a women’s health club. Fifty-three percent said “very uncomfortable,” 21 percent said “somewhat uncomfortable” and 26 percent said “not uncomfortable.”

Men were asked if they had any interest in joining a women’s health club. Seventy-seven percent had no interest, 15 percent had slight interest and 9 percent had great interest.

Here are the comments of those who took the survey:

1 wot a dumb question.

2 It is a health club and should be open to anyone who wants to be healthy. If they have a program that interests you you should be able to take. Women are always pushing to join mens only clubs or events, but when men want into womens things they have a fit.As long as the interest in jouning is for the reason of being fit and not to meet someone then why not. If you want just to meet someone there are pleanty of other fitness clubs. By the way I am a woman.

3 As a man, I have no interest in ruining any sancturary women may start or need for themselves. However, I find it amazing how women still need to invade those of men – especially Petaluma women.

4 I would also not be opposed to gyms offering membership to men only.

5 Women want a place to work out where there are no men so they feel comfortable. This is why I belong to a Womens only gym. If I didn’t care I could find a gym with more amenities that is cheaper. I have belonged to coed gym’s in the past and used them less becuase the atmosphere was not as comfortable.

6 This is a ridiculous question.

7 This will be a great turning point for the male movement

8 why should it be one sided. women want equality and join mens clubs so be it. what is the difference???? And why make it such a big deal.

9 if there were a club for only men, it would be a huge problem and people would complain and call it sexist!!!

10 There are plenty of choices out there for men. Any man who wishes to intrude on the desire of women to work out in relative privacy is nothing short of a trouble maker.

11 If we as women demand equality then we should realize that having women only clubs is just as bad as any of the men only places of the past and I think it best we not repeat the sins of our fathers!

12 What happened to equal rights? If a mans club prohibited women, the women would be REALLY upset!

13 What is the point of having a women’s health club if men are admitted?

14 Men can’t stop women from joining their clubs. It’s a no brainer. Women can’t stop men from joining their clubs. Simple enough?

15 Women go to health clubs that for females so that they don’t have to have staring at them while they work out like most of regular gym’s.

16 Businesses should be able to develop facilities and programs that meet the different needs of men and women in addition to co-ed. Hoerbrt, in order for a club to qualify to serve just men or women exclusively it could be stipulated by law that no other services other than the physcial space for health and childcare services will be provided by the business. This would create a distinction between “club memberships” that in the past exluded women and were deemed as discriminatory because they were being excluded from business opportunities being discussed at these facilities.

17 You can’t have public men only health clubs. So there should not be any public women’s only health clubs. Equaltiy, fairness, gender discrimination — It works both ways.

18 It is nice to go to a women’s gym where men are not watching you work out. Some men go just to meet and women watching

19 Health Clubs designated as “Private Non-Profit” Clubs should be allowed to admit who they want to into their memeberships. It may be a matter of changing a business license from retail for-profit, to a Non-Profit Organization. This may protect and provide privacy for those looking for safe, comfortable, non-threatening environments.

20 I think it’s pointless for men to be allowed to join….this country is just wayyy too su-happy

21 a women’s health club is just that for WOMEN, just like a MEN’s club should be just for MEN….

22 I prefer a co-ed gym environment but I can understand how some women prefer not to.

23 I think women should have a place to work out with out men present. As long a men can have private clubs as well. Fair is fair.

24 There are plenty of places to work out for men and women. Leave the gals alone!!!

25 Obvious discrimination

26 So called progressivism can’t have it both ways…Women want equal rights, but want to restrict access to health clubs?? Personally, I believe private clubs should be able to exclude whom ever they please. But this leads to racist or “exclusive” clubs which I am against. Anyway, the hypocrisy from people never stops amazing me.

27 I don’t understand what the big deal is, we have just men’s clothing stores, and just womens clothing stores and there is no big up-roar about that so what is the difference? There are plenty of other health clubs in town, get over it!

28 Women should have a place to work out with out the pressure of a man being present.

29 what is good for the goose, is good for the gander!!!!!!!

30 Only if they are flamers or light in the loafers should they be allowed to join a womens gym.

31 I am a women and do not feel that the womans gym is my outlet (and I dont feel comfortable working out in front of men). I am perfectly fine w/ a gym geared only towards men, and no woman are allowed to join.

32 A business should be able to gear their establishemnt towards a particular gender without fear of lawsuit happy idiots. A health club geared toward women makes for a “safer” environment where women who might be embarassed or intimidated in a co-ed club would be more likely to participate.

33 There are plenty of co-ed health clubs. If women are uncomfortable with them then they should be allowed to have a place where they can workout in private.

34 The women-only gyms were created to satisfy a select market…women who wanted to work out but were uncomfortable doing so in the company of men. I think it is ridiculous to believe that a man feels the need to join a women-only gym based on the quality of equipment/classes when identical (and sometimes superior) conditions can be found at many co-ed fitness centers. Men who attempt to gain access to women-only gyms do so for two reasons: 1) to be surrounded by women either for gawking or dating purposes; and 2) to buck the system, create a big fuss, and draw attention to themselves. To these men, I say get a life, go sweat out some of your issues on a treadmill at a co-ed or men-only gym, and stop creating senseless drama for the women who just want to work out in peace!

35 Women’s health clubs are called WOMEN’S health club for a reason.

36 There are PLENTY of health club’s around and it’s absolutely ridiculous for a man to join a woman’s club and vice versa. Get over it!


38 what goes around comes around. i want to start a men’s liberation front

39 Although women-only health clubs are in violation of the law (perhaps the law should be changed?), men need to understand that women need their own place to work out. Out in the “real world”, women are expected to look like models. In our own gyms, we can work out in comfort and not feel that we’re being watched or competed with by men.

40 I believe in equality among the sexes but feel people – of both genders – should have the option of working out at a same sex only club if they wish.

41 I believe these type of businesses should be allowed to cater to women only. Yet, I think it would be discrimination to cater to whites only. Hmmm? Double standard?

42 It’s hard to be a woman in this image driven society. A women’s only health club offers a safe place for women to exercise without feelings of self-consciousness.

43 Duh. What a world we live in.

44 If women wanted to join a club with men, they would. But, when they chose to join a womens gym they obviously don’t want men there.

45 I understand the principal behind it, but a woman, I don’t think I would feel comfrotable. Sometimes a gal just wants to go work out in a safe place without beer-belly guys, in too toght tank tops prancing around like they are studs!!!

46 Give me a break! This is not what our founding fathers had in mind.

47 Let’s face it, most women are self conscience about their bodies, and are constantly comparing themselves to other women. It just adds to the “torture” when women feel as though they need to not only impress other women, but men who are gawking as well. Some women may enjoy the attention from men, while some women may leave the gym altogether, because they are uncomfortable with men purusing and drooling.

48 Women and men should be able to have their own health clubs. There are those people and times in a person’s life when they want or need support from their own gender. However, I am a strong supporter of “family” health clubs, to which I belong. A mix of women and men has never been an issue and everyone has been respectful, pleasant and supportive.

49 I used to work at a women’s only gym. The members did not like it when any men came in. Some of the delivery men were very respectful and kept their eyes lowered, but some gawked, cracked jokes and looked around. If I wanted to be with men when working out, I would join 24 Hr or one the other gyms. Any man that wants to be at a woman’s gym is there strictly out of spite. They can get what they need everywhere else.

50 I think we take this “equality” thing a little too far, sometimes it helps to be with our own kind. Not out of spite for the other sex or that we can make the opposite sex wrong but because w eget a certain something out of communion with our own that we cant get when both sexes are present. That is the point of a boys or girls night out….ae feel refreshed after such a night and then we can go back to our spouses or lovers a more refreshed person. This goes also to say by the way that men have a right to hold a club of their own at the exclusion of women, not as a way of affirming superiority or discrimination but because it feels good and we can more fully focus on our pecs!!!

51 I have belonged to both types of health clubs (mixed and women only). The women only health club has a much different vibe and environment that I definitely prefer. It is my opinion that all 3 variations should be legal (women only, men only, mixed) and then let the public decide which they prefer to join.

52 What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

53 If women are aloud to join mens clubs etc….Men should be given the same consideration. Best example is when the Olympic Club had to allow women in.

54 Since men’s clubs have been infiltrated by women, I think women’s health clubs should also receive the same treatment. It’s all a ridiculous byproduct of an activist judicial system. Men should be able to have their clubs; if not, neither should women.

55 Men have to admit women who wish to join a club that has men as members. We consider sexual discrimination in things such as club memberships uncivil. Women may want a place they can exercise without flirtation. If so, the club should make it clear to all members that the club discourages flirtation and sexual advances and may expel members who become to forward or familiar.

56 Turn around is fair play. Until men can have their own clubs, the both both should be unisex.

57 I seem to recall that men’s clubs went through the same thing when they were required to admit women. I have no problem with there being an exclusive mens or womens club but the right to have one should be equally allowable.