The Petaluma City Schools District is considering placing two bond measures on the June ballot, one to support the high school district and one for the elementary. It has not yet set the rate of the proposed bonds. A majority of readers who took part in the online poll said they would not support a high school district measure. Here were some of the comments:
“We need a new track at Casa Grande High School.”

“Wake up and check your tax bill everyone. There are already school bonds we have been paying for.”

“Everybody always wants more money and it’s always put on the property owner. Why not assess a fee for every child that goes to school?”
“Get your paws out of my pockets. This is the very reason that my voting rule is: Throw out the incumbents and don’t give them any more money.”

“I pay enough to Petaluma City Schools and Old Adobe Union. Plus the city wants to raise our sales tax. Enough is enough.”

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