Poll: Downtown Road Diet gets mixed reviews

Petaluma Boulevard South was better before the road diet, said a small majority of those responding to this week’s online poll. About 55 percent said they did not approve of the road diet that recently narrowed the number of lanes on downtown stretch of Petaluma Boulevard from four to two. [...]

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Poll: City should continue Dutra fight

The overwhelming majority of people responding to this week’s Argus-Courier poll said that the City of Petaluma should continue to spend money to join a coalition of nonprofits and individuals who are legally fighting the proposed asphalt plant across the Petaluma River from Shollenberger Park. About 69 percent of people [...]

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Poll: Most support proposed drugstore

The majority of those responding to this week’s online poll said they supported a proposed Walgreens that would feature a pick-up pharmacy window across North McDowell Boulevard from Petaluma Valley Hospital. Here were some of the comments. —— “A great convenience for people who are already hurting, need to get [...]

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Poll: Possible casino should be prevented

Most of those responding to this week’s online poll thought that the Dry Creek Band of Pomo Indians might still build a casino on their property south of Petaluma — about 58 percent. Another 35 percent thought the tribe was sincere in saying it is pursuing alternatives. About 7 percent [...]

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Poll: Community still divided over new shopping center

Many poll respondents said they will shop at the new retail center opening at the site of the former Kenilworth Junior High, with the majority of those stating that they look forward to shopping at Target. Comments both for and against suggest that there are still strong feelings about change [...]

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Poll: How should agricultural land be used?

The majority of people responding to this week’s online poll oppose a solar facility being built on agricultural land on the outskirts of Petaluma at Frates and Adobe roads. About 50 percent approved of the idea, while 43 percent opposed it. About 7 percent weren’t sure. Here are some of [...]

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Poll: Opinions split on Scouts’ policies

Opinions were divided on a new policy the Boy Scouts of America is considering that would lift its decades-old ban on openly gay scouts. The policy would keep in place a ban on gay troop leaders. About 36 percent said they disapproved because they wanted to see the rules stay [...]

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Poll: Many find Petaluma too expensive

The overwhelming majority of those responding to the Argus-Courier’s online poll said that they or someone they knew found it too expensive to live in Petaluma. About 76 percent found it too expensive, while only 22 percent said it was not too expensive. About 1 percent weren’t sure. Here were [...]

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Poll: Most opposed to county’s power plan

The majority, or 60 percent, of those responding to this week’s online poll said that Sonoma County should not get into the business of providing power through the Sonoma County Clean Power Agency, which the supervisors approved moving ahead with on Tuesday, April 23. About 34 percent thought it should, [...]

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Poll: Most love mural on wall of Phoenix Theater

(This post is from a poll originally printed in the Argus-Courier on April 11.) A large majority of those responding to this week’s online poll said they loved the downtown mural that is going up on the southern wall of the Phoenix Theater. About 74 percent said they approved, while [...]

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