Poll: Many dangerous roads in town

With more than 300 collisions, 180 injuries and nine deaths since 2009, Lakeville Highway is Petaluma’s most dangerous road when you look at the numbers. But there are plenty of other intersections that cause consternation for Petaluma drivers. When asked what the city’s most dangerous intersection is, those who took [...]

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Poll: Mixed opinions on ridesharing

The digital age continues to create new challenges for municipalities, most recently in the form of ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft. The concept is simple: users can download the app and call for a ride anywhere in Sonoma County. If a driver is available, they will come pick [...]

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Poll: Voters split on raising TOT tax

Two members of the Petaluma City Council have expressed an interest in raising the city’s transient occupancy tax, the tax levied on visitors at hotels and other inns. The tax revenue would be paid into the city’s general fund, and could be used for a wide array of projects or [...]

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Poll: City should change general plan to allow pick-up window

The Petaluma Health Care District has been working to get a Walgreens pharmacy built on South McDowell Boulevard for more than a year. Because the Walgreens includes a pick-up window, and the city has a moratorium on new drive-thrus, the project has had an uphill battle getting the city’s approval. [...]

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Poll: Hospital should keep current contract

The Petaluma Health Care District is at a crossroads. Its 20-year contract with St. Joseph Health to manage Petaluma Valley Hospital will expire in 2017, which means the district must soon to decide what to do next. It could choose to renew the contract with St. Joseph Health, select a [...]

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Poll: Nighttime roadwork will impact some

Construction work is everywhere, and Highway 101 will be closed through Petaluma at night over the coming weeks, sending drivers on a detour to Highway 37 between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Half of those who took part in the Argus-Courier’s unofficial online poll said the nighttime work would impact [...]

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Poll: Museum should close after abuse

The Petaluma Wildlife Museum, which is run by students and overseen by a board of directors, faced public outcry when videos of students killing feeder rodents by slamming them against walls and rocks surfaced online. An Internet petition to shut down the museum, which is located on the campus of [...]

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Poll: City doesn’t need to regulate short-term rentals

Websites such as Airbnb.com, which allows anyone to post a short term rental online, are exploding in popularity all over the country. Whether they include the entire house or just a room, it’s created a cottage industry for those who want to make extra cash off their property. But cities [...]

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Poll: City should keep fairground lease as it is

The City of Petaluma is currently holding negotiations with the Sonoma-Marin Fair board over the future of the fairground property. The city would like to see the land generate more revenue, while the fair wants an extension of its current lease, which gives it ultimate authority over the property. A [...]

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Poll: Parents should vaccinate their kids

Sonoma County public health officials have seen a rapid influx in the number of cases of whooping cough in 2014, so many that the disease could reach epidemic levels by the end of the year. A California law requires students to get a whooping cough vaccine before they begin seventh-grade, [...]

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