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Poll: Most oppose day labor center


Every day, at least a dozen men gather at the Shell station on Washington Street to wait for work as a day laborer. A group has formed to explore the feasibility of building a day labor center, where workers could connect with potential employers, learn English and develop other marketable skills. Most of those who took part in the Argus-Courier’s unofficial poll were not in favor of the idea. Here were some of the comments: “A deportation effort would be… Read More »

Poll: City should continue Lafferty Ranch fight

Do you think the city of Petaluma should continue spending resources to fight for public access to Lafferty Ranch? The vast majority of those responding to an Argus-Courier unofficial online poll thought the city should. In addition, 72 percent of the respondents didn’t feel the property owners had a valid case for limiting public access to the ranch. Here were some of the comments: “Petaluma is spending very few resources to fight for public access at the city’s Lafferty Ranch.… Read More »

Poll: Rabbitt appears to have the lead in Supes race

Who will represent southern Sonoma County, on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will be decided this June. Incumbent David Rabbitt, of Petaluma, has been challenged by Penngrve farmer John King to represent the 2nd District. Most of those who took part in the Argus-Courier’s unofficial online poll preferred Rabbitt. Here were some of the comments: “David (Rabbitt) is a man of strong character and he can make tough decisions in tough times. The Board of Supervisors needs his continued… Read More »

Poll: Most satisfied with city’s decision on Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma Clean Power, which purports to use cleaner energy sources than PG&E, is preparing to launch its services in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Cotati, Sonoma, Windsor and the unincorporated county this May, at prices close to what PG&E offers. Half of those who took part in an Argus-Courier’s unofficial poll said they were satisfied with the City of Petaluma’s decision not to sign on with Sonoma Clean Power. Here were some of the comments: —— “At prices close to what PG&E… Read More »

Poll: Readers split on Dutra asphalt plant

After an appellate court denied the City of Petaluma’s efforts to block Dutra Materials from opening an asphalt plant across the river from Shollenberger Park, the company has made plans to begin building the facility as soon as possible, and hopes it will be open early next year. Those who took part in the Argus-Couriers unofficial poll were split nearly 50/50 on whether or not the plant will be a good addition in Petaluma. Here were some of the comments:… Read More »

Poll: Harris leading in mayoral election

It may be early in the election season, but two  candidates, David Glass and Mike Harris, have their campaigns up and running in the race to serve as Petaluma’s next mayor. Current Mayor Glass may have a run for his money as respondents in this week’s unofficial poll favored Harris by a wide margin. Here were some of the comments: “Councilmember Mike Harris will get my vote. I can only hope he supports Safeway’s proposal for a gas station so… Read More »

Poll: Mentally ill need more services

In a series of recent articles, the Argus-Courier has explored the issue of mental health care and the dearth of resources dedicated to services. Even families who seek help often can’t find anywhere to turn for support, which can lead to devastating consequences. In this week’s poll, a small majority felt the government should do more to help those suffering from mental illness. Others felt it was a cost the public shouldn’t bear. Here were some of the comments. ——… Read More »

Poll: Most want Safeway gas station

The Petaluma City Council is considering a moratorium on all gas stations in the city. The move seems to be directed at Safeway, which has plans to build a fueling station next to its McDowell Street store. A vast majority who took part in this week’s online poll disagree with the council. Here were some of the comments: “All this city council ever does is stop projects. For once do what the people want and stop spending money on stopping… Read More »

Poll: Tax for schools is not popular

The Petaluma City Schools District is considering placing two bond measures on the June ballot, one to support the high school district and one for the elementary. It has not yet set the rate of the proposed bonds. A majority of readers who took part in the online poll said they would not support a high school district measure. Here were some of the comments: “We need a new track at Casa Grande High School.” — “Wake up and check… Read More »

Poll: GG Bridge toll unfair to drivers

The Golden Gate Bridge District has announced plans to increase the toll on the Golden Gate Bridge anywhere from 50-cents to $2, which is not good news for those who took this week’s online poll at petaluma360.com. A majority of readers were against the boost in  fees. Here were some of the comments. –– “Not one penny more till they publish the exact cost of what it takes to maintain the bridge and subsidize the transit system.” –– “We are… Read More »