With more than 300 collisions, 180 injuries and nine deaths since 2009, Lakeville Highway is Petaluma’s most dangerous road when you look at the numbers. But there are plenty of other intersections that cause consternation for Petaluma drivers. When asked what the city’s most dangerous intersection is, those who took part in the Argus-Courier’s unofficial online poll identified dozens of problematic roadways. Here were some of the comments:
“Washington at McDowell. As a pedestrian and bike rider, it is impossible to cross without stopping directly in front of a car because they will not stop for you.”
“There are no dangerous intersections, just stupid, dangerous, unaware drivers.”

“Petaluma Boulevard South at D Street is the most dangerous intersection in Petaluma. The road diet has made this intersection even more dangerous than it ever was before. All too often, impatient drivers from all sides barely slow down at red lights to turn right. They also aren’t yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalks.”

“Maria Drive and Washington Street.”

“I think that drivers trying to navigate the craters in the roads is a bigger problem than intersections.”

“The intersections on the side streets are plenty dangerous. Take your pick – Kent and Keokuk, 5th and C, Cherry and Magnolia, Oak and Liberty, Mountain View and 5th, West and Walnut. Countless people don’t stop at the stop signs and many others, if they do stop, casino online don’t bother to look both ways; especially for pedestrians.”

“For pedestrians, any intersection with dedicated right-turn lanes is an accident waiting to happen. If cars stop, they don’t do so until they are in the middle of the crosswalk. Petaluma Boulevard South at Washington is the worst.”

“East Washington and McDowell. The freeway exit and ill-timed lights make for a potential hazard.”

“The speed limit on Adobe Road need to be reduced to no more than 45 mph from Frietas North to Penngrove. Signal lights are needed at Adobe and East Washington and Adobe at Frietas.”

“Seems like a question of perception about something that has a very objective answer. Asking for opinions about which is the most dangerous seems irrelevant.”

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