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Results of survey on Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey’s arrest

A slight majority of people who took the Argus-Courier's April 30, 2009 online survey feel that Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma, was wrong in getting arrested in a protest outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington, D.C. on April 26.Nearly 200 people participated in the survey, with 51.8 disagreeing with Woolsey's actions [...]

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Results of poll on planning department staff cuts

When it comes to Petaluma's Community Development Department, 68.9 percent of those responding to an online Argus-Courier poll April 23, 2009 said they were concerned about the impact staff reductions taking place this summer will have on public access to the department.Of those responding to the poll, 67.2 percent felt [...]

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Results of poll on shopping centers

The Petaluma Village Premium Outlets and the Petaluma Plaza are the two most attractive shopping centers in Petaluma, according to the April 16, 2009 Argus-Courier online poll.The survey listed nine major shopping centers in town and asked participants which one is the most attractive and least attractive.The Golden Eagle and [...]

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Results of poll on casino advisory measure

If respondents to the Argus-Courier's online poll April 9, 2009 are an indicator, Petalumans want to see an advisory measure concerning the planned Rohnert Park casino on the ballot, and they plan to vote against the casino.Of those responding to the poll, 62.5 percent said the county should spend up [...]

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Results of poll on recreational facilities

Petaluma needs more multi-use fields. That is the opinion of one-third of those responding to the Argus-Courier's online poll April 2, 2009.Those responding to the poll preferred the multi-use fields or more swimming pools (28.6 percent). Of the respondents, 9.5 percent favored more baseball/softball fields. Gymnasiums and tennis courts were [...]

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Are you pleased with Green Waste’s garbage service?

A large majority of Petalumans who responded to the March 26, 2009 online poll have been pleased with Green Waste's garbage service.Of those responding to the poll, 88.7 percent said they were pleased with the company's service, while only 9.9 percent indicated that they were displeased. More than 85 percent [...]

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Results of poll on the economy

Most Petalumans who responded to the March 19, 2009 online poll feel we are in a depression, not a recession, but half of them feel that the federal stimulus package will help the economy recover.The economic downturn appears to have touched many local residents, as 95 percent of respondents say [...]

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Results of poll on Friedman’s Home Improvement Center

Close to 90 percent of people responding to the March 12, 2009 Argus-Courier online poll would like to see a Friedman's Home Improvement Center open in Petaluma. Of those responding to the poll, 87.6 percent favored the store, while only 5.7 percent were opposed.More than half (55.2 percent) of the [...]

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Has the economic downturn affected you in putting food on the table?

Half of Petalumans are spending less on groceries these days, but the other half say they are not, according to the results of the Argus-Courier's online poll March 5, 2009.Asked if they know people who are struggling to put food on their table, less than half (44.8 percent) said yes, [...]

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How much water will you be able to conserve this year?

With a water emergency looming that may see residents being asked to reduce their water use 30 to 50 percent, 87.2 percent of those who responded to an Argus-Courier online survey Feb. 26, 2009 said they would not be able to achieve a water savings of 30 percent or more. [...]

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